What I Offer

Good evening to all of you!  If you're in it to win it with the water challenge, you are certainly not alone!  50 motivated people have signed up, including you, and hopefully 50 people are still going strong and feeling the amazingly beneficial rewards from increasing their H2O intake!  

I figure that today is a great time to explain to you the things that I do as an instructor and as a trainer. Here's a class list and description for all that SoulShine Training has to offer.


PiYo is seriously the missing piece in your health and fitness puzzle.  

PiYo is not really Pilates.  PiYo is not really yoga.  PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines the mind/body practices of yoga and Pilates with the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning and dynamic movement.  During a PiYo class, you will find yourself standing in a yoga pose one minute and then down on the floor in a push up the next.

PiYo is kind of like barefoot bootcamp.

PiYo is a pre-designed, body weight, mat-based workout.  In this class, you will continuously move and flow from one exercise to another.  You will keep your heart rate up, breath deeply, improve your balance, and center your mind.  PiYo will make you stronger, more flexible and more resilient, I promise.  

Tuesdays at Woodstock Rec Center - 8:15-9:15 am Cost - $12 per class Thursdays at The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm Cost - $15 per class


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.  Our HIIT workout mixes short bursts of activity with ev