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SoulShine Reviews

"I love working out with Jody!"

Carrie McDonnell

Barnard, VT

"Jody is the best, plain and simple."

Erik Liscinsky

Pomfret, VT

"Instructor and health coach, Jody Eaton, is the whole package. She knows and understands how the body functions and moves, she speaks honestly, she is fun and energetic and her classes are always challenging for each individual. Jody is inspiring to all she meets, teaches and instructs. After 10 years of regular classes each week I still look forward to that Monday morning class."

Kristy Haley

Barnard, VT

"A great way to start the day! Jody creates a fun and welcoming environment and a kick butt workout."

Marion Abrams

Woodstock, Vt

"Top of the line - fun, friendship, soul food oriented whole body workout that cures and prevents most injuries and ailments physical and emotional. All good!"

Daniella Malin

Sharon, VT

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jody and Soulshine Training for going on 8/9 years- Jody is the best! Her classes are top notch and enjoyable while Jody encourages and motivates you to work hard.
The community that surrounds Soulshine is supportive and a testament to Jody as a trainer and person.
As a personal training client, Jody has changed my life and I am forever grateful for her. If you work with Jody- be prepared to work hard, drink a lot of water and laugh a lot."

Amy Jenne

Reading, VT

"Phenomenal instructor! Been choosing SoulShine Training for over a decade now, never disappointed."

Kim Kranz

Barnard, VT

"I'm always lifted up by Jody's energy and feel amazing at the end of class. A fantastic workout every time!"

Cariin Park

Barnard, VT

"I’ve been working out at SoulShine privately with Jody, for about a year now.  I never had one-on-one training before and although it’s not inexpensive, the attention offered by a personal trainer is worth the investment.  I say investment, because that’s exactly what it is:  a direct investment in my long-term healthcare.  Something I can proactively do for myself.  I’m not interested in large workout classes anymore and I find that instructors aren’t interested in pointing out whether individuals are correctly performing the moves.  Jody is positive, energetic and a good soul.  The workouts are well-thought out and as Jody becomes more familiar with you, she knows exactly how far you can be challenged, without it being unsafe or ineffective.  I enjoy the format, I’m really grateful for Jody’s style and like the space at the Woodstock Rec.  I also appreciate that I can  take a shower before returning to work.  I’m better off physically & emotionally for being a SoulShiner!  Thank you Jody."

Caroline Schneider

Killington, VT

​"Jody is an AMAZING instructor. She has great energy and enthusiasm, and her classes are always fun. She does teach tough classes, but I always feel great afterwards (after the soreness wears off). I live in Boston but visit Woodstock VT often, and try to take one of her classes while I'm there. If you're in the area, go take one of her classes!"

Stephany Goldzband

Boston, Massachusettes


"Being in your class, I have found a fitness/wellness leader and family. You have awakened something in me that has been laid dormant my whole life. Yes, I've been fit and active before, but I have a whole new level of understanding, appreciation and desire for wellness. 

I have trained with many different instructors with different styles. I have never felt inspired or touched the way I have by you.

Although I am sad to leave to your class so soon, I am so grateful for what you have given me. And what you have shown me. 

You are strong, inspiring, authentic, determined, accepting, understanding, motivating, enthusiastic, tough, and a million other amazing things!

You kicked me ass in your class. But you made me smile and brought so much joy to my life. After you instructed me to activate my lazy ass during abdominal work, everything has changed for the better. You totally revolutionized my form and my results!

I can't say enough good things about someone who has inspired me so greatly and given me the tools and motivation to take control of my health and my life. 

I think of you every day, while I'm correcting my form and being mindful of activating my butt cheeks and abs. And of course, when I work out. 

I can't wait to get back to Vermont and to jump back into one of your classes. I will sing your praises for FOREVER! You are unique and you are super fantastically special!

Thank you for everything, you majestically fierce, unicorn-riding beast."

Alicia Narava

Barnard, Vermont


"Jody has been a game-changer while living in Vermont. Her classes are upbeat, challenging, motivational, and also totally achievable. It's the first class that I come back to over and over again despite its early hour and its high-intensity workout. I always feel like I worked my whole body, and that Jody is there whenever I need her to talk through body, life, health, and wellness. She keeps all of us going, across age ranges, experience levels, and fitness goals. She pushes, but in a way that makes everyone feel good about themselves. Better than my New York City or London workouts ever were."

Sophie Shackleton

Woodstock, Vermont


"Jody Eaton is a world-class fitness instructor, trainer, and motivator. We are SO beyond lucky to have her in the Woodstock area. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and anatomical expertise are inspiring and make every workout a fun, educational, and spirited experience. Cardio Dance is an awesome dance party in the middle of the day, PIYO is an amazing stretch, and HIIT is very difficult but so rewarding in the end. Personal training with Jody is excellent, totally worth it and very inspiring. Soulshine Training is one of the best things going on around town - everyone coming through should fit in a workout with Jody. Thank you, Jody, for all that you do and all that you are."

Sarit Werner

Woodstock, Vermont


"I have been taking Jody’s classes and doing sessions with her for almost 3 years now.  Jody makes exercising fun, she builds confidence and strength, and emits a positive energy always.  Before her classes, I could hardly do 3 push-ups and I really didn’t like burpees.  I am 40 and stronger than I have ever been.  Thanks, Jody!”

Kristy Haley

Barnard, Vermont


"Jody is a great person to have in your weekly schedule - not only to help you keep your self physically strong and healthy, but as an inspiration to be pro-active and positive about the expectations to have for over all well being. I highly recommend Jody to be your personal trainer!!!"

Kathleen Dolan

Barnard, Vermont


"I have been exercising off and on for my whole life.  I had never considered myself to be particularly in shape, although there have been plenty of times where I have felt completely out of shape.  Finding the balance of being fit without feeling like I have to give up everything in exchange, has been a challenge.  Jody taught me how to make the most out of the time that I have, to achieve maximum benefits.  I now get more done in 45 minutes than I used to in 2 hours.  In addition, I learned that I was never pushing myself to really achieve any results in the first place.  I have been working out with Jody for 6 months now and I feel the best that I have ever felt.  The best part is that I don't wonder how long I will be able to keep this up for.  I know that I have made enough small changes to be able to maintain a happy, active lifestyle for the rest of my life."​

Mica Celeste

Pomfret, Vermont​

​"Jody is both enthusiastic and driven - which makes these classes both fun and demanding! I look forward to attending class each week. It's an incredible work-out and, honestly, the highlight of my day!"   :)

Ginny Eagan

Pomfret, Vermont

"I'll start on Monday".  How many times have I said this to myself?  Well, it turns out I needed a Tuesday to kick start my fitness goals.  I attended Jody's class and worked hard.  I went back and after three classes I was hooked.  Jody is a great instructor.  I've used her personal training services too and she gave me a great plan to work with.  I am finally doing this and I am very thankful for all of Jody's help."

Andrea Farrington

Pomfret, Vermont

"After starting to work out with Jody 6 months ago, it quickly became apparent that she would set up a perfect scenario for success. The routines she designs are individualized, creative and challenging yet never overwhelming. She adjusts on the fly without making you feel inadequate. Her unstoppable energy and encouragement is helping me gain confidence to go where I have never gone, with exercise, before. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits and, (surprise, surprise) I'm getting results! Jody is passionate about fitness and it shows through the enthusiam she brings to each session. She is helping me lay the foundation for a healthier lifestyle, by making my soul shine! Thank you, Jody!"

Judi Greene

Pomfret, Vermont

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