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The 12 Biggest Fitness Myths

The 12 Biggest Fitness Myths

Hello team! What you don’t know about fitness can interfere with your goals. Read on to get your fitness facts straight.

Myth: You can target your fat burn.

Fact: Working out can reduce your overall body fat, but you can’t control where that fat comes from.

Myth: You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach.

Fact: Your body burns more fat when you hit the gym before you eat breakfast, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Just don’t skimp on water.

Myth: No pain, no gain.

Fact: A little discomfort is okay, but if you feel a sharp pain anywhere, stop what you’re doing and consult a doctor.

Myth: Lifting heavy weights bulks you up.

Fact: Actually, it can slim you down. People who lift a challenging weight for eight reps burn nearly twice as many calories as people who do 15 reps with lighter dumbbells.

Myth: Exercise machines beat free weights.

Fact: Many exercise machines are actually designed for men, which can make it tough for women to nail proper form when you use them. And because machines isolate specific muscles, you actually burn fewer calories on a machine than you do when you exercise freestyle.

Myth: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside.

Fact: Because running against wind or on uneven terrain engages more of your muscles, it requires more energy and ends up burning about 10 percent more calories than running the same distance on a treadmill.

Myth: You shouldn’t work out every day.

Fact: Rest should be part of your workout, not an alternative to your workout.

Myth: You can’t work out when you’re sick.

Fact: As long as your don’t have a fever and your symptoms are above the neck (think: stuffy nose or sore throat, not chest congestion or indigestion), you can totally hit the gym. Just listen to your body or ask your doctor if you’re unsure.

Myth: Sweating means you’re out of shape.

Fact: The fitter you are, the sooner your body begins to sweat, so a person who is in extremely good shape will produce more sweat than somebody who isn’t. With each workout, you become a more and more efficient sweating machine.

Myth: Crunches are the best moves for your core.

Fact: To really cinch your waistline, you’re better off doing multi-muscle exercises that target every region of your core.

Myth: Working out makes you hungry.

Fact: High-intensity exercise may actually decrease food cravings, according to research published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Myth: Running beats walking.

Fact: Since walking and running target the same muscle groups - just at different intensities - they come with similar health results when you compare overall energy burn. That said, it takes about twice the amount of time to expend the same amount of energy walking as you would running. So running still wins if you’re strapped for time.

SoulShine Training Schedule - Please sign up for classes you’d like to take this week. 10 person max. for in person classes. Our Monday morning Zoom HIIT class has shown to be a class that people aren’t really into at this time. I will continue to have it on the schedule with the hope that at some point, it will be a time/day that is popular again. :)

Monday - HIIT on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Tuesday - HIIT Yoga Fusion in person and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Thursday - PiYo on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Friday - HIIT in person and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Here to you - to your increased hydration, movement, happiness, and rest. Cheers!

Jode xo


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