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Get Unstuck!

There are a lot of feelings - happiness, sadness, anger, anticipation, fear, loneliness, jealousy, disgust, surprise, and trust. We all have them and with this super funky year we've had, we may be feeling more feelings lately. I know I am. Sometimes it's hard for me to articulate the way that I feel. It's not easy to dig in and understand emotions and so when I don't have all of my feelings in their tidy, little place, when they get jumbled and confusing, I get anxious.

Shit this year is going down, like downtown, big time. COVID, the election, relationships, job security, health, global warming, etc. All things that are making us worry, bringing on those hard to manage "extra" feelings that might make us want to cancel plans, stay in bed, and wait for all of this to be over. Last Tuesday morning I woke up with a serious bout of real anxiety.

20 years ago, it would have derailed me and I would have wound up staying home for the day, not fulfilling any of my responsibilities, and then winding up feeling unsuccessful by bedtime, setting myself up for failure and a real lack of pride. It's a shitty cycle, that's for sure. But now that I'm older and more mature, I have a better understanding of who I am and a greater sense of emotional awareness. I can control my moods in a way that I just couldn't when I was younger. I have tools that I use and strategies to cope.

As I said, last Tuesday I really wanted to just not do any of my things. I wanted to cancel the day and throw in Tuesday's towel but I didn't, I moved forward. I did one thing and then another and then another, with the knowledge that if I just keep at it, I will lay my head down that night feeling successful and proud, which are amazing and positive motivators. Being able to tap into my future self helps me get unstuck in the present and that is the most valuable tool that I've learned.

Here's what I do when I feel anxious and overwhelmed. I try to connect with people who I love and who love me. Just knowing that I'm not alone is beyond helpful. I move my body. I'm telling you, as soon as I lose myself in a sweat session for a bit, I emerge with a much clearer and steadier perspective. I eat well and drink all of the water and get a few things on my list crossed off. I help others. Being kind and generous with my time and energy makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. But there is a balance to that one. Maturity has provided me with the ability to say yes and to say no. Last, I sit and think when I know that my mind is calm. I am better able to figure out my emotions and put them back into their tidy place, which then makes those anxious feelings go away for a bit.

Wow, that was a lot. Sorry for being so long-winded but if this helps even just one of you lovely SoulShiners, then I'm satisfied.

Stay on your journey to emotional self-discovery, find your tools, know that nothing lasts forever (COVID, home schooling, dumb politicians), and then get unstuck in the present by tapping into your proud and happy future self.

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Love, Jode xo


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