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Portion Control

Happy Sunday and happy fall to all of you amazing people!!! This week I'd love for you to think about your portion sizes when eating. Ballooning portion sizes are considered a major player in the startling rise in obesity rates. Current research points to evidence that we can turn this around though.

A study showed that exposure to smaller food portions can recalibrate people's perception of how much is enough. In the experiments, volunteers randomly ate either larger (440 calorie) or smaller (220 calorie) portions of the same quiche and salad meal. In the second experiment, a day later, volunteers could eat as much of that same food as they pleased. A week later, they were asked about their portion size preferences.

The scientist found that eating a smaller portion of food during the first experiment led to people consuming less of the food the next day. They also showed a tendency to feel satisfied with smaller portions a week later. The findings suggest that reducing portion sizes could lead us to consider these new sizes "normal" and, in turn, help put the brakes on belt-stretching excess consumption. ACE Fitness Journal - September 2018

SoulShine Schedule:

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Here's to finding meaning and happiness, to going to sleep at the right time, to eating the right things and to knowing how much is too much, to always leaving the house with a water bottle, to spending time with friends and family, to really knowing what's happening around you, to standing tall and to sitting even taller, and to taking care of your body, your soul, and your mind.....CHEERS and LOVE!!! Hope to see you this week!!!



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