Strength and Confidence!

Good morning, SoulShiners! What a beautiful week it's been here in the Northeast. Holy exploding foliage!!! It makes me want to run into the woods...which I'm totally going to do later on this morning!!!!!

Today I'd like to go over a few things. SoulShine Slim Down was a success! From the 28 challengers, I received closing out pics from 19 of you. Of those 19, a total of 140.86 pounds were lost. That is amazing!!!!!! Have you been able to keep off the pounds? Have you been able to stick with your plan? Has the Slim Down propelled you to think about the food and drink that you put into your body? If so, that's exactly why I started doing these challenges. They are here to get you thinking about yourself. To get you moving, to get you eating better, to get you thinking about being stronger!

Who in our group is doing the Strength Challenge? I've only heard from a couple of you. The first week was designed to get your body and mind geared up for the rest of the month, teaching you sound body mechanics and breath work. Now is your time to take that info and get after it, always thinking about good form. You'll up your leg, arms, core, glutes, isometrics, and slam work this week and really get into some solid planks and side planks. Hopefully by the end of the month, you're able to do the entire Saturday SLAM!!! That's the goal.

Remember that this is not here as a replacement to your normal exercise routine. I've designed this to (once again) get you thinking about being stronger. To get your body moving at home for a short amount of time. Obviously, you can use this calendar and do whatever you want though. If it's too easy, double it up or even triple it!!! Throw legs, arms, and core together or glutes, slam, and's yours for the taking. It doesn't have to be over the top, find your comfort zone and then just go a little bit harder, just a teensy tiny bit. That's how you see results!