Virtual Classes!

Hello Team! I hope that this email finds you well and figuring out ways to stay positive, healthy, and happy. I am trying to be here for you in whatever way that you need. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you. Kay?

This past week has pushed me out of my comfort zone, giving me the opportunity to get creative, which has brought on a new sense of empowerment. We are all learning how to adapt and I think that we're doing a phenomenal job at it. I feel a strong sense of community and support and for that, I thank you!

This week I will lead 4 classes. Below you will see information on how to log in to classes via Zoom, how to sign up and pay for class, and a link to the mandatory online waiver that needs to be signed by you. Please don't forget to sign up, pay, and fill out the waiver form. Thanks!