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Things We Can Control

Hello Team!  I woke up yesterday morning feeling really out of sorts.  I felt confused and unsure, a little annoyed, and pretty much like a balloon floating around.  Untethered.  It took a while to get out of that mindset but eventually I did, as I moved through the day.  Here's the thing, I really like to feel grounded.  I like to have a mission.  I like to have a plan, to know what's next, and get things done.  So with all of the uncertainty about the next few months and what will be happening, now more than ever, I need to remember a few things.  We probably all do. 

There are things we can change and things we can't.  Things we can't change - the past, what our President says, inspirational car commercials, the weather, other people's minds, when our children go back to school.  Things we can change - our mindset, the way we react, our work ethic, the way we treat others, our wellness.

This is what I'm going to do this week.  I am going to drink less alcohol.  :)  I am going to drink a gallon of water every day, make good meals, take deep breaths, teach my children well, follow the 6 foot rule, take a time out if I need to, support local businesses, help anyone who needs it, and move a whole bunch - virtually with you and at home with my fam.  These are things that I can control.  This will make me happy. 

What will you do to increase your happiness?

Virtual SoulShine Schedule - 

***Don't forget to fill out the very important waiver.  Sign up at least 12 hours prior to class.  On the morning of class, I will send out a Zoom link.  All classes are $10.***

Monday - HIIT with weights - 8-9 am

Tuesday - HIIT/Yoga - 8-9 am

Thursday - PiYo - 8-9 am

Friday - HIIT with weights - 8-9 am

Thanks so much to all of you for making this transition so seamless!!!  Nothing can stop Team SoulShine!!!!!  Boom!!!  :)  Share this information too.  The more the merrier!!  

Stay active, stay positive, and take good care of yourself and your loves,

Jode xo


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