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The Worry List

Growing up we had a little sitting area between our kitchen and dining room. Our love seat sat across from the Vermont Castings and a short reach away was our telephone which had the longest spiral cord you’ve ever seen. I would sit in front of the fire and watch my mom make dinner or read or talk to friends on the phone. On the wall next to the wood stove, above Shasta’s (our beloved Irish Setter) bowls, hung a cross stitched picture that to this day makes an appearance quite often in my brain. It read -

Today is the tomorrow,

That worried you yesterday,

And all is well.

In conversations this past week, it’s become crystal clear to me that most people feel a bit overwhelmed this time of year. Worry over parents, kids, friends and family. Worry over work, bills, and chores. Worry over lack of time and lack of resources. Big things that can make you feel like you just can’t get it all done. I get it and I’m here in the same spot. So, in order to make myself feel better I made a list a few days ago. The worry list.

Putting things down on paper helps me organize my thoughts. It also helps me figure out what is the most important thing and what can wait a week or two. I’m telling you right now that it’s working, it really is. I’ve checked things off and regained a little control. There’s still a knot between my shoulder blades that will most likely be there until things settle down in a week or two, but I’m certain that it will go away and that I will try very hard to remember that today is the tomorrow that worried me yesterday and all is well.

SoulShine Schedule

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Thursday - PiYo at The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm

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Here’s to gaining (or regaining) some perspective!




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