Text Neck

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas and to your own moms as well!  What a beautiful morning we have today - a much better moment opening my eyes today than yesterday.  I’m all done with snowy wake ups!  

Today I want us to dive into a little info on posture.  Did you know that your head weighs approximately 12 pounds and that for every inch the head tilts forward, the pressure on the spine doubles?  When you sit and look at your phone, does your head tilt forward?  Most likely that’s a big, fat yes.  Are you at around 45 degrees?  If so then your head is putting about 50 pounds of pressure on your cervical spine.  

Text neck is a real thing and can wreck your spine.  Staring at your phone for hours everyday puts excessive stress on the neck and over time can remove the neck’s natural curve, leading to head, neck, and back pain.  Poor posture also reduces lung capacity and increases headache frequency.