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Reminders for a Healthy Body Image

Hello friends!

Here are a few positive affirmations and self-love reminders that might help you if you struggle with body image concerns. Promote and practice these messages for a more self-accepting way of life and PRETTY PLEASE prioritize developing a positive relationship with your body.

*Remember that the size of your body does not reflect your worth or value.

*Ditch the scale if it does not serve you or make you feel good about yourself.

*Monitor and record non-weight-related victories (increased energy, better sleep, joyful mood, etc.)

*Unfollow any social media accounts that influence you to compare yourself or attain an unrealistic “ideal.”

*Stop believing your body is the problem and acknowledge that it is our culture that is oppressive.

*Recognize negative self-talk.

*Write down three things you love about yourself each day.

*Move in a way that offers joyful experiences.

*It’s not about your body; it’s about your relationship with your body.

*Food does not need to be earned. You need food to function optimally.

*Carbohydrates supply the body with necessary fuel for cognitive and physiological processes.

*In moderation, sugar is a delicious part of food and life.

*Weight loss alone is not an indicator of healthy progress.

*Food is fuel and nourishment. It cannot be categorized as “good” or “bad” or “dirty” or “clean.”

*“Detox” is not a thing. Your body does this naturally through the skin, liver and kidneys.

*You do not need to eliminate food groups to achieve healthy, balanced nourishment.

*Focus on nutrient-dense options.

*Connect with your meals and enjoy.

SoulShine Schedule

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Friday: HIIT @ The Little Theater and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Love you, mean it,

Jode xo


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