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Planning for September

Good morning, friends!  This email might be a little premature, as we don't have solid information about back to school yet, but I thought that it would be a good idea to get a jumpstart on September schedule planning now. 

I think that all of us are well aware of the "go with the flow" state of our lives, at this point.  It seems like as soon as our schedules settle into a nice rhythm, life happens and we have to adjust.  So we're just going to have to go with the flow for the next year or so, I'm thinking.  

Here are my questions for you to ponder and then answer:

In September will you be able to continue taking classes in person and/or on Zoom?

If yes, would you prefer an 8, 8:15, or 8:30 start time?

When The Rec Pool Deck closes, will you want to do in person classes at The Little Theater or on Zoom?

If you are going back to in person work, will you want to have any recordings for after work exercise?

Which classes are you interested in continuing with?

Are you interested in one on one Personal Training/Health Coaching sessions, either in person or on Zoom?

And finally, if we have to go back to all Zoom classes, will you continue SoulShining up your body?

Okay, that's it.  Phew!  Thanks, in advance, for your response.  It will help me better gauge our wants and needs, as a team.  

Have a great day, get outside, and drink a bunch of H2O!!!

Jode xo


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