Pick Your Days!

Hello to all of you! I hope that you're enjoying these beautiful days! Summers in VT are my absolute favorite - windows open, birds singing, fresh veggies, sun shining, flowers blooming, children laughing, water jumping, outside sweating - I LOVE all of it!!!

Along with the beautiful days of summer come beloved family vacations. Time to get away, connect, and recharge, which is so good for the soul. Below is the SoulShine Schedule for July. Please take a moment and let me know which classes you'll be able to join this week. Committing to classes will help motivate you and will help me know what this week's classes will look like. Side note, two of my best friends will be in town this week and will join us at our Friday morning HIIT class on the 5th!!! Woooohoooooo!!!!!

SoulShine Schedule for July: