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New News!

Good morning!  Today I am going to ask you to be interactive and tell me what you want.  As gyms begin reopening in the next couple of weeks here in Vermont, SoulShine Training will too.  This might feel like good news to some of you and uncertain news to others.  I would like to know (in your perfect world) how you would like to move forward with your movement.  

If you are a one-on-one Personal Training/Health Coaching client, are you ready to move back into SoulShine Training studio inside The Woodstock Rec Center within the next couple of weeks or would you prefer to do your sessions with me via Zoom?  If you put your one-on-one training on hold during the quarantine, would you like to resume in person or online training?

If you take any of the classes that I offer, would you prefer to be in person or continue with online classes?  If you would like in person classes, would you prefer indoor or outside and does 8-9 am work for you?  The only indoor option, at this point, will be to do our classes at The Little Theater, next door to The Woodstock Rec Center.  I'm not sure where we would do outdoor classes yet (to be continued on that one as I need to find a spot that has a strong wifi signal).

I would also love to know if you are planning on continuing your SoulShine classes throughout the summer or wanting to resume them, if you put them on pause?  No pressure at all!  I just need to get a good read on who will be with me and how I should focus my efforts in bringing SoulShine Training back out of quarantine.

Finally, on May 30th, Zoom had a mandatory update.  Please don't forget to update today, if you haven't already.

SoulShine Schedule for this week - ALL CLASSES ON ZOOM - don't forget to sign up!

Monday - HIIT - 8-9 am

Tuesday - HIIT Yoga Fusion - 8-9 am

Thursday - PiYo - 8-9 am

Friday - HIIT - 8-9 am

Let me finish by saying I am so thankful you have chosen me to be one of the people to guide you on your health and wellness journey!  I'm a lucky gal to be able to share my time with you!!!

Love you, mean it,

Jode xo


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