Muscle Strength vs. Muscle Endurance

How many reps? How many sets? There are two types of people who lift weights - those who want big muscles and those who want to tone and tighten up without getting bigger. The folks looking for size grab the heavy weights and do fewer reps, while the people looking to achieve a toned look reach for the lighter ones and do more reps. But let’s dive into this for a second.

Muscle Strength vs. Muscle Endurance? Plain and simple - we need both.

Muscle strength is the ability to exert a maximal amount of force for a short period of time. For example, lifting something very heavy. In the gym, that may be bench pressing a heavy barbell for 5-8 reps. In your real life, this may look more like moving a heavy piece of furniture or pushing your car out of a snow bank, which both require strength.