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Hey peeps!! Before I answer the big question that most of us wonder about - how can I increase my metabolism? - I need to explain some science and straight up facts surrounding this process so that you can have a knowledge base to spring from. If you’d like the cliff notes version, jump to the last paragraph for the answer.

*Metabolism describes the constant work happening in each of our body’s cells. We pull molecules into our cells and then push most of them back out in the form of energy. We commonly use the term calories to measure energy.

*Metabolism starts with what you eat - carbs, fats and proteins. These three macronutrients fuel the process of energy production in your cells. The body loves carbs for building glycogen stores and fueling exercise, protein for building and maintaining muscle and fat for controlling growth, immune function, reproduction and nutrient absorption.

*Our bodies burn energy (calories) in a variety of ways. We need energy at rest - to digest, absorb and store food, for physical exercise and for spontaneous movement, such as standing, walking, stair climbing, fidgeting, cleaning etc.

*Bodies are composed of fat mass (fat tissue) and fat-free mass (muscle, organs, bone, body water). Fat-free mass has five times more of an impact on metabolism than fat mass, therefore variations in metabolism between individuals can be explained by differences in quantities of muscle mass and body water.

*Energy balance is the difference between calories consumed and calories expended. Obesity is the result of a prolonged positive energy balance. Decreasing the number of calories consumed and/or increasing the number of calories expended can stop and reverse weight gain.

*Reducing calories is fairly uncomplicated and can be achieved with several strategies - decreasing high-calorie foods, eating smaller portions, eliminating sugary drinks and eating less frequently throughout the day. The complex part is establishing the behavior to maintain any of these strategies - SoulShine Health Coaching to the rescue for that!!

*Regular exercise is essential for a healthy life. Consistent exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, many cancers, cognitive decline and mental illness while a sedentary life increases metabolic syndrome and a shortened lifespan.

Finally the answer to the big question!!! How can I increase my metabolism? A body that is high in muscle mass, low in fat mass, exercises on most days and moves throughout the day will have an elevated metabolic rate. Therefore, movement, whether it be planned or spontaneous, has a profound effect on weight loss success and improving quality of life!!!

10 Ways to Add More Movement to Your Daily Life

1. Get up and walk around your house when you wake up each day.

2. Walk during your lunch hour (before or after you eat).

3. Walk around the grocery store before you start shopping.

4. Bring your groceries into the house one bag at a time.

5. Walk fast while doing errands.

6. Take the stairs whenever possible.

7. Take a brief walk after work.

8. Park at the far end of the lot.

9. Walk and talk while making phone calls

10. Walk instead of drive whenever you can.

PS - I got a little help from :)

Shine on you crazy diamond and take good care,

Jode xo

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