Learning and Growing!

Hey guys!  Yesterday I was sitting on the deck by myself, soaking in all of the beauty and really just relaxing.  Colby walked outside, asked what I was doing, and upon hearing my explanation he asked the follow up.  Why is it fun to just sit there and stare? Ha! I explained that I'm teaching myself how to sit and think and just be.  He was baffled!  

It isn’t normal to see me just sitting.  I am a wake up in the morning and start doing chores kind of gal.  Go, go, go until it’s “all” finished.  But do you know what this stupid pandemic has taught me?  That it’s okay to just chill sometimes.  That I am still a productive and motivated person if I choose to sit down and read a chapter during - god forbid - the daytime.  During those loooooong April days, you would have even caught me in a little cat nap at times!!!  

We race and race and race around in life, moving from one thing to the next and not really connecting to any of it.  In the beginning of our isolation time, I was like now what???  Adjusting to this slower pace has been a good thing for a lot of us though.  The constant full schedule is stressful a