A New Normal

Well, only one more day until 2020.  Not sure how that happened but it’s here now and I’m ready to embrace the hell out of it!  Happy New Year, everyone!!!

2019 brought with it happiness and heartbreak and love and loss for a lot of our friends and family and with all of that comes change.  Change is hard.  It takes time, willpower, help, and tenacity to feel secure again and although it can feel like that comfort will never return, it does and with it brings a new normal.  

A new normal is what I’ve been searching for this past week.  A few days before Christmas, my 73 year old father moved into our home.  It’s been up and down and all around, to say the least.  Dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia, he has a knee that really bothers him, and is also dealing with a diabetic situation.  I didn’t plan on being his care giver at this point in my life, but he’s here now and so that’s what I’m going to do.  Jason, Colby and Kyler are adjusting well with the change and as I said, we’re just trying to find the new normal and the comfort that comes with it.  

Some people know Dad as Big D.  Big D is 6 feet 5 inches tall and isn’t normally someone that you miss.  He’s loud and fun and kind and generous.  He’s accomplished a lot of pretty cool things in his life.  He was in the Navy during Vietnam, he has lived in Antarctica, Japan, Hawaii, and New Zealand (to name a few), he has run 6 marathons (NYC being his last after his doctor told him that he was just too big of a guy to be a runner), he lived on a houseb