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Make It Happen

Go ahead and make it! Make that resolution. I know that it's cliche to do so but now is the perfect time to resolve to do something that you want to do. It's a good turning point, an end marker, and a milestone that you can embrace. The holidays are almost over and it's time to get back to work, to get started or start back up with a goal. Whatever it is, make it happen. A new year resolution can turn into a long term habit if you make a solid plan. I promise! Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

*Figure out your why, write it down, and post it somewhere that you can see it and be reminded of it.

*Find a buddy to help you achieve your goal(s). Having a partner in crime will help hold you accountable and keep you on track.

*Make a plan. Know what motivates you and what your barriers are.

*Track your fitness and food, if that's what your resolution involves. It is much harder to mindlessly snack on junky foods when you have to write it down!

*Pack your own lunch, eat at home, get a new healthy cookbook, and for the love of God, don't drink the high calorie drinks!!!

*Setbacks are real, they happen and they happen to the best of us. You'll just need to give yourself a break, talk to yourself kindly - be nice but firm - and get back to the task at hand.

Construct your S.M.A.R.T. resolution/goal now. Specific (simple and sensible), Measurable (meaningful and motivating), Attainable (agreed and achievable), Realistic (reasonable and relevant), and Time-Bound ( timely and time-sensitive). Using this tool will help set you up for success in achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve in 2019!

Please know that I'm here for you, as your Health Coach and your Trainer. I want you to succeed and live a full life in your healthy body with your confident and thriving mind! Call on me for help.

SoulShine Schedule for this week:


PiYo at The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm

Teen HIIT at The Rec - 3:15-4:15 pm


HIIT at The Rec - 8:15-9:15 am

Happy New Year to all of you! Here's to a fabulous 2019!!

Much love,



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