Whole Physical Wellness

Hey Team! I think about my whole physical wellness in five parts - movement, nutrition, sleep, water, and alcohol. I also live by the 85/15 rule. I make healthy and super solid choices most of the time. Now, 3 of the 5 parts, I can say that I'm even better than the 85....more like 98%. That's the sleep, water, and movement. Those things are pretty easy for me to do because I have healthy habits that lead to my success. I fill up a gallon jug and get through it every day, I exercise on most days because it makes me feel good, and I sleep 8 hours per night because I really love my cozy bed.

I'm kind of a big person - big feelings, big personality, big love. I like to do things in a BIG way. That includes eating and drinking and these are the parts that I have to always be mindful of. I know what makes my body feel good when it comes to both things but my big personality makes me sometimes forget to remember "how is this going to make me feel?". Life is one big lesson though, am I right? For me, stepping on the scale each morning is what keeps me pretty much on track and is my health habit when it comes to nutrition. As for the booze, I really hate to feel hungover - it makes me feel anxious. I am aw