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Sweaty Selfie Challenge!

Happy Saturday, SoulShiners!! Last year (or maybe it was 2 years ago??) we did a wee challenge called the Sweaty Selfie Challenge. Well, I'm thinking that because it's the first of the month, it's December, and it's the month of parties and booze and cookies, we should do this challenge again! Here are the rules: Every Sunday, choose your workout goal. Will you choose 2 workout days or 4 or more? Whatever your goal days are, let me know how many and then take a sweaty selfie for each of your goal workout days. You can text me, email me, or post on Facebook and/or Insta. Our Team SoulShine Facebook page is totally private so if you feel a little weird posting a sweaty pic, no prob. The masses will never see! As I said before, just let me know your weekly goal, I'll record it, and then check off a box when you post or send your sweaty selfie. If you choose 4 workout days, I expect 4 sweaty shots!!! Hopefully this group will be fun for you, will motivate you, will make you feel like part of a team of like minded people, and will ultimately hold you accountable. This week I will choose to post 4 sweaty selfies (some of which will include class participants)!!! Just let me know if you want to play and I'll add you to the Facebook group. I look forward to hearing your goal days today or tomorrow for this week - December 2-8. Here's to SoulShine Selfies!!!!!!! SoulShine Training classes this week - SORRY, no classes on Monday or Tuesday Monday - No HIIT Tuesday - No PiYo Thursday - PiYo - The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm Friday - HIIT at The Rec - 8:15-9:15 am Find your motivation, make some goals, remember that you are in charge of your body, your mind, and your health, no one else. Things don't happen to us, WE make things happen for ourselves. Make health happen!!!!!!!

XO Jode

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