Schedule Change :)

Hey peeps!!! Happy Sunday to you!!! This week is going to be amazing, I just know it. I haven't taught Cardio Dance is a long time so this Thursday we're going to get our dance on at The Athletic Club instead of PiYo...who's in???

Here's a thought for today - please remember that putting yourself first is not selfish. If you meet your own needs right from the get go, then you'll have enough energy and a clear mind to be your best and give the most to the important people surrounding you.

Make time for what makes you happy, fuel your body with healthy foods and balanced meals, get some alone time to work on your weekly plan and to de-stress, and treat your workout as a non-optional activity.

Take a minute now and sit up straight, take a giant breath slowly and then exhale and relax. What do you want to accomplish this week? Will it make you a better person and will you be proud of yourself after? Will it make your life better, more full, and will you be a good example f