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Embrace The Change!

Hey SoulShiners! Okay, I'm going to begin by not saying anything about the weather in the Northeast, although I would like to. Sooooo last week, I filled you in on my exact exercise and nutrition goals for myself and I'm happy to report that I succeeded on all fronts! Yay! Let me tell you that writing it down and letting all of you know, held me accountable - especially yesterday morning strapping on my sneakers and heading out for my 8 in the drizzle and wind. I did it though...nothing lasts forever definitely ran through my mind more than once....just like the snow. :)

We're a team, remember that. You can count on each other for accountability, help, motivation, and encouragement. We're all in it together! :)

One more thing. While spending the week only eating good, clean, and nutritious food, I've realized that those days when I only had to think about losing 5 pounds and then losing them in a minute, are now over. I really have to work at it these days! Bodies change, metabolism changes over time, and hormones fluctuate. So, when I opened my computer this afternoon and happened upon this article, I immediately read it hoping to find some information that will help me sort out my new understanding of this bod of mine. It's a great read!

This week, my goals are the same but I'm going to add one. I will focus on understanding and controlling my nutrition and creating harmony with my body and mind...boom! And you?

SoulShine Schedule Changes

4/16 - Monday - HIIT is ON BABY - The Rec - 8:15-9:15 am

4/17 - no PiYo

4/18 - Workout with Carly at The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm

4/20 - no HIIT

4/23 - no HIIT

4/24 - no PIYo

4/26 - PiYo at The Athletic Club with me :) - 12-1 pm

4/27 - HIIT with me :) - 8:15-9:15 am




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