Transform Your Brain!

Happy Sunday, SoulShiners!

What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! I just spent about 15 minutes watching a TED talk by Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist. Below you’ll find a modified transcript of her take on exercise and it’s benefits. If you get some time this week, I highly recommend watching the full talk. What she says makes lots of sense to me. Exercise boosts my mood, inspires my creativity, and helps me to focus. It also helps me to put things into perspective. Things feel less heavy in my brain after I get my sweat on. But if what Wendy is saying in her talk is true—that exercise will protect your brain against neurodegenerative diseases—then I now have a new WHY. :) Read on.....

“What if I told you there was something that you can do right now that would have an immediate, positive benefit for your brain including your mood and your focus? And what if I told you that same thing could actually last a long time and protect your brain from different conditions like depression, Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Would you do it? Yes!