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Remember Your Why

Good evening, SoulShiners!! My hope for you today is that you woke up and remembered your why (or found it). Why do you choose to workout and drink a ton of water and get enough sleep or why do you mindlessly eat in front of the TV or go back for seconds or speed through your life without really thinking? Why are you choosing a healthy lifestyle or why are you choosing an unhealthy lifestyle?

Here's my why. I choose a healthy lifestyle because I want to live a long and happy and full life, I want to motivate others, and I want my boys to see what a strong and dedicated female looks like. If you're choosing an unhealthy lifestyle, why? Are you feeling unworthy? Have you forgotten that your health and happiness are SUPER IMPORTANT to the health and happiness of those around you? Are you so busy, racing around from thing to thing that you can't even think about or consider yourself and your health? Done, done, done...all done with that. Take a breath, find your why and then try your hardest to remember it throughout your day. You ARE worthy of a healthy why AND you are NOT selfish for creating one.

Here's to you this