September Slim Down

Hello, SoulShiners!! Wow, here we are in September already and the kids heading back to school. If you’ve spent this summer staying away from chips and salsa and margs, great for you! If you’ve let your healthy habits slip a bit, then it’s time for you to get back on track.

SoulShine Slim Down is back in action! This is the same challenge as we did last September, the only exception is that the entry fee will be $20 instead of $10...more money for the winners...1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

The rules are simple. On September 1st, step on a scale and take a picture of your weight. Send your pic to me via or text me at 802-369-9335 (for my eyes only, I promise!!). Choose your weight loss plan, and then on September 30th, send me a picture of your weight again. The person with the greatest percentage of body weight lost wins!! For example, if you start out at 158 lbs and lose 6 lbs then your percentage of weight loss is 3.8%.