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Spartan and Slim Down

Hey everyone! I have a couple of things that I want to touch base on....

First, I've had a few people ask about having another September SoulShine Slim Down. I think that it's a great idea and I would love to host it. We'll follow the same rules as we did last year but I think that we should bump up the winnings. :) Greatest percentage of body fat lost wins. We'll do one month beginning Sept. 1 and entry fee will be $20....winner takes all (or we'll do a second and third place depending on how many people sign up). Let me know if you're in.

Next, for all of you who are signed up for the Spartan Sprint, we have about 5 weeks until we race. I know that this is last minute but I have some free time today and I need to get my workout on, so I've decided to do a little pick up Spartan training at The Prosper Valley School at noon today. Colby and Kyler will be with me training too. Kids can join in or play on the playground while we get our sprints, burpees, pull ups, monkey bars, pushups, etc on in the midday awesome sun!! :) Please tell me if you're in!!

Thanks so much to Kim Gaines for sending along a list of obstacles that are normally found during Spartan races.

climb over 4ft walls

crawl under 2ft walls

uphill sandbag carry - (30lb I think?)

rope climb 30ft and ring bell

over slip wall

"water obstacle" (puddle) with rope climb out

spear throw

2nd uphill bucket carry

cargo net at 45 deg

cargo net vertical

monkey bars

fire jump

muddy barbed wire crawl

Here's a good video on how to climb up ropes.

Kim Kranz, Colby, and I went to the home of Spartan in Pittsfield last week and did some hill running along with a few obstacles. We've decided that in September we'll be wearing a tank, arm sleeves that can be rolled down, capri pants, gloves, and long socks that can be rolled down. It would be fun if all of our racers had similar shirts. Let's choose a color and then you can buy the shirt that you want, give it to me, and then I'll get all of them screen printed with Team SoulShine. Sound like a plan?

Finally, thank you to all of you for trusting me with your bodies! I just celebrated my 5th year as a trainer and coach with SoulShine Training.....yay! I appreciate your dedication and motivation. I look forward to coaching you, training you, and laughing with you for another 5 or more! :)



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