The 4 Pillars!

Hey everyone!  Ky and I are back from Missouri and had a great time visiting my MO fam.  My sweet, little niece and nephew are adjusting well to their move, which eases my mind and heart.  Although they are both loving their swing set, bikes, and new buds, Garrett, who will be 3 in October, is having a bit of trouble staying asleep at night.  Been there, done that, big time!  

My bro and sister-in-law are taking the brunt of those restless nights but continue to wear their loving smiles.  Not much you can do about a crying baby at night - sleep just takes time to learn how to do and do well.  They are in the thick of it but for those of us who don't have babes in the house, sleep should be something that you plan for and work on.  Shirking on sleep is like skipping part of a workout for an entire week—you can’t get that time back.  

As we all know, sleep is super important and getting enough of it is essential.  It shapes our waking hours, leaving us alert, calm, focused and joyful or tired, grumpy, distracted and unhappy. Over time, sleep debt is compounded. The American Sleep Apnea Association links sleep deprivation to moodiness and to losses in cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

I would like you to think of sleep as part of the pillars of health that we talk about.  4 pillars of health = healthy food, exercise, water, and yes, sleep!  THE 4 PILLARS! :)