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Tame the Stress Beast!!!

Stress. It’s the most common and continual phenomenon we experience in life. While not all sources of stress are negative, chronic stressors tax our personal health and well-being and ultimately reduce enjoyment and peace. The consistent presence of negative stress may eventually result in a significant decline in personal health.

It’s not possible to control everything related to what we experience or how we experience it. We can, however, employ simple stress management techniques and develop skills that will not only help us face the stress beast but tame it as well. Apply these seven stress-busting techniques for better living.

Prioritize Movement - Schedule time to be active and get a release of “feel good” hormones.

Allow Yourself to Say, “No, thank you.” - Reevaluate the to-do list and leave room for “you time.”

Set a Daily Affirmation -Today I will be: ready & willing, creative, well prepared, positive & present, raring to go! Which one will you choose?

Sleep - Repair, restore and rejuvenate your body. A well-rested individual is more capable of combating stress than an unrested individual.

Practice Authentic Acceptance - It’s great to have a positive attitude BUT if you’re not really “feeling it”, own that too. Don’t shove negative feelings aside or stifle them. Verbally processing how you feel with a friend will most likely help get you back on that positive track.