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Roll It!!!

Hey SoulShiners!

Every morning before leaving the house I run through a series of stretches and self-myofascial releases (also known as SMR). I foam roll my glutes and back and then hang out for a bit on my neck. I then flip and roll my quads for a sec. Sometimes I’ll grab a lacrosse ball and roll my low back and feet, depending on how they’re feeling and how much time I have. I then move onto my stretches, moving my bod through its morning time full range of motion. Sounds like a lot but I’ve been doing this series for a long time now and so I have it down to about 5 minutes. I don’t feel ready for my day until I’ve completed this series and I am absolutely positive that my body is better off because of it. Read on to learn about SMR and why you should incorporate it into your wellness plan, if you haven’t done so already.


Self-myofascial release (SMR) may sound complex and technical, but it is really a very simple concept. The term myofascial refers to muscles and the fascia that surrounds them; the prefix myo means muscle. Therefore, SMR is a massage technique of applying sustained pressure to an area of myofascial tissue that contains restrictions, tightness, inflexibility, adhesions, knots, scar tissue, or lacks proper movement. The sustained pressure stimulates circulation to the area, reduces pressure buildup from sluggish blood flow and toxins, and improves tissue elasticity and suppleness.


*Increases circulation, enabling oxygen and other nutrients to reach vital tissues, muscles, and organs

*Increases joint flexibility, preparing joins for the increased range of movement and load that accompanies stretching and strengthening exercises