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Health Is Your Greatest Wealth!

What’s Your Plan?

My Responsibility - to inspire and motivate you, to make you sweat, to get you to drink more water, to help you remember that your health is VERY important, to always search for ways to learn and grow, and to remind you how amazing and awesome and capable you are.

Your Responsibility - to consider all food and drink you put into your body, to plan as much movement as you can into your day, to get plenty of sleep, to stand tall, to stretch, to find your motivation, and to remember how amazing and awesome and capable you are.

What's your movement/eating plan for this week? Here's mine - Monday HIIT, Tuesday HIIT Yoga Fusion, Wednesday running, Thursday PiYo, Friday HIIT, Saturday easy movement/rest and recovery, Sunday outside sweat session. I will drink 1 gallon of water per day and I will up my 80/20 eating plan to 85/15 because I'd like to drop a couple of pounds. Boom!

Plan your week now, pretty please. What will you choose?

SoulShine Schedule - here’s the deal (YAHOO) - 2 in person classes this week. It looks like Tuesday and Friday look great weather-wise so I’m choosing HYF on Tuesday and HIIT on Friday for our in person classes this week, both at The Prosper Valley School basketball court. I will record the class and send along to those who request it immediately following class. As soon as school is out we will move to The Rec pool deck where I will be able to live stream in person classes again. :)

Monday - HIIT on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Tuesday - HIIT Yoga Fusion recorded and in person - 8:15-9:15 am

Thursday - PiYo on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Friday - HIIT recorded and in person - 8:15-9:15 am

Please sign up for your classes now. Thanks!

Here's to bright and sunny days, to shedding layers, and to taking your health and wellbeing seriously…health is your greatest wealth,

Jode xo


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