Exercise Boosts Mental Health

Hey SoulShiners,

Exercise has proven benefits for improving physical health.  But what about mental health?  Research has shown that active people are nearly 45% less likely to have depressive symptoms than inactive people.  


While exercisers report fewer mental health problems than non exercisers, always keep in mind what works and what doesn't.


*Exercise sessions of 30-60 minutes provide the best outcomes; 45 minutes is best.

*Vigorous exercise is linked to better mental health outcomes than either light or moderate exercise.  

*Exercising at least 3-5 times a week, in a variety of modes, is appropriate for producing mental health benefits.

*More exercise is not necessarily better.  Exercising more than 23 times per month or longer than 90 minutes per session is associated with worse mental health outcomes than not exercising at all.

*Research has shown that group exercise provides a social atmosphere which can reduce depression and promote hardiness, in relation to stress. ***We’ll get back to in person soon!!***