You Rock!

You rock!  Yes, you.  If your instinct is to brush off compliments like that one - or to mutter a quick "thanks" and change the subject - your confidence will take a hit.  Follow these three tips to become more comfortable accepting the kudos you deserve.   

Say two words.  When someone praises you, make eye contact and give a genuine "thank you!"  Don't deflect or minimize their comment by adding "but......"  Instead, you can tack on an "I really appreciate it."  When you embrace positive feedback, you're not only letting yourself receive kindness but also allowing the other person to give it, which lifts their energy too.

Keep it going.  Turn flattery into bond - boosting conversation.  If a friend notices your sweet biceps, you might say "Thanks!  I work hard to stay strong.  Join me sometime for a ride/class/run/walk."