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TIPP Skills

Happy sunny Sunday!!! I’ve been seeing a therapist for the past few months. She’s amazing and has helped me organize my brain and feel more settled in my new situation. I feel lucky and thankful that I have a pro to not only break things down with but to build back up with as well. If you are contemplating talking with a therapist, I highly recommend it!!!

Last week in my therapy session, we talked about how to tame out of control emotions (that spiraling feeling) and bring down the intensity using TIPP skills. TIPP stands for temperature, intense exercise, paced breathing and paired muscle relaxation.

Temperature - by changing our body temp, we can quickly decrease the intensity of an emotion. Dip your face in cold, icy water and hold your breath for 30(ish) seconds or go jump in some cold water. 🙂

Intense exercise - by engaging in intense cardio/aerobic exercise, we engage our physical body in a way that de-escalates intense emotions. Try out a HIIT workout pretty please and then take note of your mood before and after. I can pinky swear promise you that you’ll feel a whole hell of a lot better after. xo

Paced-breathing - try to slow your breathing down to 5 or 6 breaths per minute. This means that your in breath and out breath put together should take 10 to 12 seconds.

Paired muscle relaxation - practice tensing your muscles as you breathe in for 5-6 seconds. Notice that feeling. Then relax them as you breathe out, paying attention to how that feels as you do it. Notice the difference between the feeling of tension and the feeling of relaxation. Go through each muscle group in the body and tense then relax each one. As you relax a muscle group, say to yourself, “relax.”

SoulShine Schedule - please sign up for your classes. Sign ups - $12, drop ins - $15.

Monday: HIIT @ the Rec court and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Tuesday: HIIT Yoga @ the Rec court and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Thursday: PiYo @ The Athletic Club and on Zoom - 12-1 pm

Friday: NO HIIT

Shine on!!

Jode xo


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