The Link Is What You Think!

I’m a worrier, I come by it naturally, and it is effing stressful.

Things I’m currently worrying about: the health and wellbeing of my family and friends, Colby driving, my work, making dinners every single night of my whole life, continuing education, filling out financial aid forms correctly, Colby and Kyler getting tackled in football, the impending snowboarding season and my children’s need to jump, flip and drop, hunting season, snowmobiling season, biking, boating, and just pretty much all the dangerous things that the people in my life love to do. It’s exhausting!

Last week I read a really great article on acute versus chronic stress that has made me reexamine my worrying and evaluate whether or not it’s hurting or helping my body. Side note, it’s probably hurting it. Below is the Cliff Notes version that I hope you’ll read. I will also attach a link to the full article.