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Thank You.

Hello SoulShiners and good morning,

Let me begin today by saying thank you. Thank you for choosing SoulShines, when there are so many other options out there, and for all the love that I feel each day from you and for you. I am so thankful and feel grateful for our team.

Back in October I was interviewed by a cool online publication called Shoutout LA. You can read that interview here:

Thanks so much for the SHOUT OUT, Kelly Kane!!! Big love and heart hugs to you!!!

SoulShine Schedule - please sign up for your class(es) and let me know if you’d like a recording.

With it being Thanksgiving week, my offerings are few - Monday’s HIIT and one Choose Your Own Adventure class. By that I mean that you have the opportunity to email me your class request - HIIT, HIIT Yoga, or PiYo. The class with the most interest wins!!! But you’ll have to let me know today what your choice is so that I can make the call by tomorrow. I also have one Personal Training session spot that opened up this week. If you’d like to join me in my private studio at Woodstock Rec on Monday at 11 am, let me know.

Monday: HIIT @ The Little Theater and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

Tuesday: ??? @ The Little Theater and on Zoom - 8:15-9:15 am

With so much love and thanks,

Jode xo


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