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Get Even!

Hey Team!  Happy snowy day!!!!!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just outside shoveling the super light snow and began thinking a bunch about being balanced in my movement by using both sides of my body to throw the snow.  We talk a lot about the importance of evening out the body in class and in sessions.  

In our daily movement, we tend to use one side more than the other.  Whether it be the way we cross our legs when we sit, stand with our hip popped to the side, or begin the climb up the stairs, it’s most likely using one side more than the other.  This repetition creates an imbalance in the body.  

Here’s my request for this week - change sides.  Please be aware of the way that you use your body and which side is dominant in your movement.  Be aware of the way you reach and bend and pick things up.  Be aware of the way that you step into your pants and open doors and clean the house.  When carrying your groceries inside from the car, change your carrying arm.  It really is the small things - the daily movements - that can make one side work harder which creates weakness in the opposite side. This weakness and imbalance can certainly bring on pain, which we obviously don't want.

Use both sides as often as possible, get even, and get your body working properly.

Jode xo :)

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