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Tend To Your Wellbeing!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!!! Just like we tend to our gardens and our lawns in the summer, we need to tend to our bodies and minds now too! Let today be the day that you nurture your wellbeing. Plant wellness ideas and then spend the rest of your summer watering, feeding, and loving those ideas. By fall, you'll be able to harvest your lovely and strong and delicious bounty!

Let the warmth of the sun and the long, hot days continually remind us of how good it is to find a balance between intense activity and lazy, idle hours doing nothing. Here's to summer teaching us patience, growth, and health...cheers and love!!!

Here's our SoulShine Schedule for this week:

Monday - HIIT at The Rec - 8:15-9:15 am

Tuesday - outside PiYo at TPVS - 8:00-9:00 am

Thursday - PiYo at The Athletic Club - 12-1 pm

Friday - HIIT at The Woodstock Rec - 8:15-9:15 am

Take a moment now to plan your week. Plan your exercise, plan your food, plan your water, and plan on living in the moment! A month from now you'll by happy and years from now, you'll be super psyched!!!




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